Pantsuit Politics Episode Guide

We’re often asked for a “Top 5” or “Best of Pantsuit Politics” list that listeners can share with friends and family as they spread the word about the show. With four years of episodes, it’s hard to narrow down our favorites! We hope this guide can be useful if you’re looking for a show on a particular topic, our coverage of historic moments, or an episode we think best exemplifies who we are and the work we do here. If you have a favorite episode you don’t see on this list, send an email to alise at telling us what episode you loved and why!

Memorable Episodes

These are episodes that we or our listeners have cited as favorites. We think they give a good taste of who we are and the work we’re trying to do here at Pantsuit Politics. The most recent episodes are listed first.

Issue-Focused Episodes

Issues are listed alphabetically by topic with the most recent episode first.

Historic Moments

We are watching history happen every day. These episodes are our reflections on and coverage of notable moments in American history.

Primers & Policy Sets

The primer and policy set episodes are also listed by category above. The oldest episodes are listed first.