The Ultimate Pantsuit Primer: 10 Episodes To Hear If You're New To Nuance

Over the last couple of months we've happily watched our listenership grow, and our social media community teem with vibrance and new life. So we thought to help bring some of our newest Pantsuit Politics family members up to speed, we'd dig into the archives for some of our most nuanced, evergreen episodes. Here are 10 episodes that cover a wide range of political and social topics and will hopefully give you a comprehensive look at our show, our motto, our personalities, and everything in between. Enjoy! 

1. The Great Redhead Debate

2. What Is The Purpose of Welfare?

3. The Personal Is Political - Our Birth Stories and The State of American Obstetrics

4. Discussing The Affordable Care Act

5. Election Reform - How We Make Those Votes Count

6. Let's Talk Trade

7. Examining Religious Liberty

8. Education - The Most Important Issue We Aren't Debating 

9. Criminal Justice Reform - A Truly Bipartisan Issue

10. The Abortion Debate and How We Move Forward