Pantsuit Up

By request, I'm sharing here a tweet-storm from earlier today. 

I woke up up seething but I'm converting to determination. I'll be damned if my daughters grow up to see a presidential candidate treat women this way. 

Remember the uprising of women following the C. Thomas hearings? May that be minuscule by comparison. 

May we see women running for every seat on every council and in every chamber across the country. May we see women of all ideologies stand up to demonstrate that we are not owned and we are not powerless. May those women hire and appoint and amplify the women around them. May we constantly be choosing among women for positions in the private and public sectors. 

May we see women pundits covering elections and explaining policy. May we need no more talk of women's issues because we dare not think of an issue without thinking of how over half the population might view it. 

May we come to expect locker room conversation that could be written on billboards because anything less is unacceptable. May we use this awful moment as a marker in our history--the moment at which all of us together decided to change our politics and our government and ourselves. 

Also, may all of this go double and triple for women of color, for gay women, for transgender women, for women who have suffered abuse. 

May those who have been silenced speak strongly. 

Pantsuit up, everyone. It's time to claim the future. And that means loving men and no longer tolerating the patriarchy.