Exit the Echo Chamber: Day 5 - Compliment the Other Side

Complimenting the other side is one of the most difficult things we do on the podcast. It really forces you to exit the echo chamber. Finding someone to compliment can be tough. Keeping the compliment sincere and meaningful can be tougher. But the payoff is big--once you start looking for reasons to compliment the other side, you'll start to see more reasons to do so. 

Keep it real; keep it meaningful

  1. Do some basic research. Hopefully the first few days of the challenge helped you discover a person or group that you think is compliment-worthy. If not, google! I frequently search "democratic legislators" and "state legislators" and see what comes up in the google news section. I always learn something, and frequently I find something really fantastic happening at the state level that I otherwise wouldn't have discovered. You can also peruse think tank websites. All perspectives have some really interesting intellectual work going on. 
  2. If you're really struggling, focus on a characteristic instead of a position. You could admire someone's courage in advancing a position, or the process a group used to form a position, without admiring the position itself. 
  3. Try not to do a backhanded compliment. This can be tough. Check yourself :). 
  4. Remember: you don't lose anything by giving credit to someone else (in fact, you usually gain credibility with others and find a little peace in the process). 

Can't wait to see your compliments! Be sure to tag us on social media or send us an email.