How President-Elect Trump Could #ExitTheEchoChamber


Editor's Note: This is a guest post from our listener Blanche Pascal, who suggests that the following speech from President-elect Trump could go a long way toward reconciliation.

Caveat: I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, and I don’t expect him to take my advice. However, I think that if he could be persuaded say something along the following lines, it would be a game-changer.

“My fellow Americans, those of you who voted for me, and those of you who voted for another candidate: it is time for us as a nation to come together, to reach for a better  future: to make America great again.   This election was hard fought, and the results reflect deep divisions: indeed, my opponent earned more votes in total than I; however, our laws, our rules, are set up to elect a President using the ElectoralCollege, and those were the rules going into the race, and remain the rules by which we are governed.

As President-elect, it is incumbent upon me to work to bring the country together: to heal the divisions, and to respect the office of the President.  While I may disagree with President Obama on policy, I respect that he has worked hard for the country, and has had our best interests at heart.  As a measure of my respect, I intend to re-nominate Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court: by this action I hope to send a message to both sides of our country that I will work with all of you.  And I wish to ensure that the Supreme Court is not a political football: that the role of the Senate is to advise and consent, not to obstruct.

To those who have opposed Merrick Garland’s appointment, I will say this: I am sure that
there will be other opportunities to nominate justices, and I will take the opportunity then to
use the office to make more conservative nominations.  But the office needs to be respected, and the obstruction in the Senate has been a measure of disrespect.  

I wish to earn your respect as President.  The best way that I can see to begin to earn that respect is to show it myself.

Thank you, and may God bless America.”