A Look Back at Season 1

It's hard to believe that the idea for Pantsuit Politics came about one year ago and that we've been podcasting since November. We've wrapped up Season One and are now headed into the general election. Our dear friend Annie asked for some "best of" lists on Season 1, and you know us...Ask and you'll receive! 

Listener's Favorite Episodes

The Abortion Debate and How We Move Forward

Sarah's take: One of my best friends in the world is a devout Catholic and pro-life. We have this conversation semi-regularly so I wasn't terribly nervous. I only wanted to do the subject the justice it deserved. 

Beth's take: I was n-e-r-v-o-u-s about this episode. Any time we discuss our personal faith in connection with politics, it's hard. But, the response after we published it was amazing. I think that the more we talk about these completely hot-button topics, the better off we are. 


Sarah's take: This episode helped me confirmed what I had suspected for a while - that I'm MUCH more moderate than I was ten or even five years ago. 

Beth's take: Basically, there's nothing better than forming your own political party and hearing from other people that they want to join it. Bucket list item-check. 

Our Hair's On Fire

Sarah's take: I LURVE talking about why I'm a Democrat. It gives me the opportunity to remind myself why I'm so passionate about politics, which can get lost in the day-to-day drama of campaign season. 

Beth's take: I loved the challenge from Bailey for us to say, in a really focused and concise way, why we identify with our parties. 

Sarah's Favorite Moment

GAH. I can't pick. The moment I realized people were listening and had feedback. Our debate watch parties. Announcing I was running for office. Recording late in the night after Hillary's acceptance. Not to mention all our amazing interviews but... if I HAVE to I really loved our Ten Things We Want for Christmas episode - I love any and all "if Sarah and Beth ruled the world' fantasies - what can I say! 

Beth's Favorite Moment

For me, our discussion about #NoBillNoBreak was one of my favorites. I knew that we disagreed strongly about the tactic being used by Democrats on an emotionally-charged subject. After we finished recording, I wasn't sure how the conversation would come across in the podcast, but I felt really proud of the way we conducted the discussion.