Sarah from the Left and Adult Friendship

Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday, which seemed like a good time to say this: Sarah from the Left teaches me more every day about the power of friendship between adult women. 

It's hard to prioritize non-crisis friendship when you're working and raising a family and struggling to schedule time for tooth-brushing. Most of us have many beloved friends for whom we'd do anything. If it all hits the fan, we're there for you with pie. You need this shirt? It's yours. But time gets away  when you're focused on all.the.things. Soon it's "let's plan that trip [someday]," "let's have dinner [someday]," "let's have a conversation about our cosmic raison d'etre [someday]." 

Sarah is a pro at adult non-crisis friendship. She's a resource sherpa -- you have a problem or thought or dilemma, she has a link that guides you to the promised land. She gives insightful advice that will push you to be better. She listens. She's funny. She not only makes time for the cosmic raison d'etre conversation; she REQUIRES it. Sarah doesn't care how your day was. She cares how your soul is. 

Best of all, Sarah invites you be a friend back. She reaches out and by doing so gives you permission to do the same. She takes advice as well as she dishes it out and by doing so shows you that she values you. If something's irritating or off, she'll text and by doing so makes space for a random and life-giving outlet. She doesn't make polite conversation waiting for a convenient time to insert her thoughts. She rolls in and takes the floor. It's refreshing and honest and a wonderful, generous recognition that while we don't have all kinds of time, we can still have all kinds of fun and support and comfort and truth. 

Everyone needs a Sarah from the Left friend, and I'm so lucky to have her. Happiest birthday, Sarah, and cheers to many more.