The Briefcase: SO much Listener Feedback

Photo Credit:   itsmeganduhh   via   Compfight     cc

Photo Credit: itsmeganduhh via Compfight cc

In this episode of The Briefcase, we discuss Friday Feedback from so many listeners: Vielka, Bryn, Rachel, and Obie on college and school dress codes; Katie on Hillary Clinton and women in leadership; and Megan on the Oregon standoff.  Additionally, we promise to devote Tuesday's episode to populism, Trump, and Sanders based on a series of topics from Nickie.  

Additionally, we discuss the "hot mic" audio from a Donald Trump interview with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezenski.  Our listener Kedar flagged this for us, and it led to so many questions: In this media environment, what are the rules? What are journalists? And, what are we? 

Show Notes: 

From and written by our listener Vielka: Perpetuating PrivilegeShe Isn't Here to Give White Kids a Better EducationCreating a College List 

College Drop-Out Rates 

Video: The Importance of Early Childhood Education 

This American Life on Non-Cognitive Skills

From our listener Katie: The Hillary Clinton I Know Will Do Wonders for Women, Women in Company Leadership Tied to Stronger Profits, Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton 

From our listener Megan: The Mysterious Fires that Led to the Oregon Standoff, Wrong Tactics, and FBI Patience 

From our listener Kedar: The Morning Joe Hot Mic Moment 

Thank you all so much for continuing to have a dialogue with us.  If you'd like to join more in-depth discussions, you can join the Slack channel our listener Bryn created by sending us a quick message with your email address.  As always, thanks to our producer Nicholas.  You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We're always grateful for your iTunes ratings and reviews.  Keep it nuanced, y'all.