The Briefcase: Shocked All Around

Photo Credit:   SplitShire   via   Compfight     cc

Photo Credit: SplitShire via Compfight cc

Bernie Sanders shocked pollsters in Michigan.  Univision moderators shocked the Democratic candidates during their Wednesday night debate.  And Ivanka's dad shocked all of us...again.  

We cover these topics plus your (always amazing) Friday feedback, which ranges from the distinction between being pro-market and pro-business, the Catholic Church, the impact of technology on the parties, and white working-class nostalgia. 

Show Notes: 

Pro-Business vs. Pro-Market: the National Review Perspective

Pro-Business vs. Pro-Market: Forbes

Watching and Responding to Spotlight

The Contrite Catholic 

The Voters Decide - How Technology is Changing Political Parties

White Working Class Nostalgia

Politico's Takeaways from the Democratic Debate 

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