The Briefcase: Tears and Smiles, Y'all

Photo Credit:   aamith   via   Compfight     cc

Photo Credit: aamith via Compfight cc

In this episode of The Briefcase, we share some very touching messages from listeners about the election and the rhetoric associated with the election.  We also discuss President Obama's SCOTUS nominee and the bizarre refusal of Senate Republicans to advise and consent.  We recap the results from Tuesday's primaries, and we weigh on the criticism of Hillary Clinton's, ahem, demeanor during her post-sweep speech.  Finally, we take a moment to reflect on our interview with Rebecca Traister. 

Show Notes: 

March 15 Election Results

Merrick Garland

A Consensus Pick? 

On Smiling


Hillary Clinton Speech

Thanks to Kimberly Thurman and Patrick Rocks for our new music and to our producers, Nicholas Holland and Chad Silvers.  As always, we hope to see you on Twitter and Facebook.  Keep it nuanced, y'all.