An Open-Hearted Campaign: An Interview with Sellus Wilder

We're so excited to share our interview with Sellus Wilder, who is seeking the Democrat's nomination to the United States Senate in Kentucky.  He's a Pantsuit Politics kind of candidate--he's campaigning with his entire heart, fueled by his desire to have an honest conversation with voters about making our state and our nation healthier.  

In the Pearls, we discuss the presidential race with a focus on process.  While we have frustrations with the current process from different angles, our common ground is this--we all have to get involved! Finally, in the Heels, we chat about our fun weekends in Gatlinburg (Sarah) and Cincinnati (Beth).  You might need a corn fritter or steak after listening.  

Thanks so much to Sellus Wilder, to Chad Silvers and Nicholas Holland, to Kimberly Thurman and Patrick Rocks, and to all of our listeners.  

Show Notes: 

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