Progress Made and Progress Lost: Politics and Rape Culture

Pantsuit Politics Family: We recorded this episode early Sunday morning before much was known about the tragedy at Pulse in Orlando.  We will attempt to discuss more about the complexities of this act of terror, hate crime, and mass shooting at another time.  For now, our hearts are with every person impacted. 

We are emotionally drained this week.  In the Pearls, Sarah gets to celebrate the nomination of Hillary Clinton and President Obama's and Elizabeth Warren's endorsements.  We then sadly turn our attention to violence in Tel Aviv and Orlando.  We applaud the bravery of two Texas valedictorians who used their platforms to discuss our broken immigration system. Then, in The Suit, we discuss the Stanford case as a starting point for talking about rape culture and how we move forward.  Finally, in The Heels, we talk about Made in America and how our lives are becoming history. 

Show Notes: 

Hillary Clinton's Nomination

The Obama and Warren Endorsements

A Victory for the Women's Movement vs. A Victory for Women

The Tel Aviv Attack

Status of Tel Aviv Victims 

Texas Valedictorian Addresses Immigration

A Huge Myth About Rape on College Campuses 

What the Stanford Rape Case Can Teach our Sons

What the Stanford Rape Case Tells Us About Rape Culture

Disappointed and Not Surprised

The Stanford Victim's Letter 

Joe Biden's Response

Video: Victim-Blaming Makes No Sense 

Made in America