To Term Limit or Not to Term Limit

In this episode, we discuss Congressional term limits. What problems would they solve? What problems would they create? And where do they belong on the #crazymoderate agenda? First, in the Pearls, we get excited (or maybe "prepared" is a better word) for the upcoming Presidential debates, cover the United Nations report on violence in Syria, and, as always, offer our compliments to the other party.  Finally, in the Heels, we discuss the best things we've eaten lately. 

Show Notes: 

Inside Debate Prep

Debate Preparation Underway

United Nations Report 

Comparing Syria to WWII Germany

Adam Kinzinger

The New Kentucky Project

Balanced Politics on Term Limits 

The Term Limit Debate

Brookings - Term Limits

The Common Sense of Term Limits

Inequality in Districts