Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and American Consumerism

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images News / Getty Images

We're heartbroken over the mass shooting in Las Vegas. We recorded this episode on Monday morning (October 2), so we share our initial thoughts. We also discuss the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and we share Sarah's interview with Joshua Davis.

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The preliminary reports out of Las Vegas have confirmed that the shooting near Mandalay Bay is the worst mass shooting in American history. Since information is developing, we focus on our reactions to tragedy, the conversations in our country around gun violence and gun control, and how we interpret comments about "evil acts" and "thoughts and prayers." 

We also react to President Trump's statements, actions, and tweets regarding the absolute horror unfolding in Puerto Rico. 

As a continuation of our conversation about consumerism in American politics, we share Sarah's interview with Joshua Davis, author of From Head Shops to Whole Foods. 

We end on a lighter note, discussing, as always, what's on our minds outside of politics. Beth needs everyone to know how good The Lazy Genius podcast is. Sarah is reading Hillary Clinton's book and working on her move.