A Democratic Wave, Accusations of Bigotry, and Research on Motherhood


A democratic wave on Tuesday signals that America might not be feeling great again. We discuss the election, listener feedback, and some fascinating articles on today’s episode. 

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We talk about the Virginia gubernatorial race, the election of Danica Roem, and other Democratic victories on Tuesday

Next, at listener Eva's recommendation, we discuss Peter Beinart's article, "Republican Is Not a Synonym for Racist."  

We also, at listener Lisa's recommendation, discuss Conor Friedersdorf's "Four Defenses of Trump's Dissembling on Russia." 

Listener Karla left beautiful feedback on our website about our discussion of Sutherland Springs that we share.  

Finally, at listener Debbie's recommendation, we talk about Erica Komisar's new book on motherhood and "The Politicization of Motherhood."