Terrorism in New York City, Facebook and Twitter, Donna Brazile, and Our Second Birthday


Pantsuit Politics is two years old! We celebrate, reflect, and discuss the week's news. We are so excited about our new book coming next year and our new podcast The Nuanced Life - coming soon!

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We also were so excited to be named in The Guardian's Best podcasts of 2017!

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We are heartbroken about the deadly attack in New York this week. We discuss the President's response, a merit-based immigration system, and the Islamic State. 

We also talk about Facebook and Twitter making an appearance during Senate hearings and the interference in our 2016 election - as well as this article Why Is the U.S. So Susceptible to Social-Media Distortion?. We discuss Donna Brazile's Politico article about the DNC and the role of Obama (or absence of a role) in the Democratic Party.

We respond to a listener's question about a friend who is changing her positions because of a new relationship (with an assist from Roxane Gay's fantastic article about women's friendships). 

Finally, we reflect on the past two years and on the future of Pantsuit Politics.