Complicit: Trump, the Media, the Budget, and the 2017 Word of the Year

book-1798_640.jpg has made “complicit” the 2017 Word of the Year. We consider our collective responsibility and Lindy West’s powerful statement that the opposite of complicity isn’t apology; it’s fixing what you broke. 

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The President has made mountains of three media errors over the last week. We discuss his relationship with media and our consumption of news. 

Republicans have passed a two-week stop gap measure to keep the government funded. The next deadline is December 22. We are not optimistic that all end-of-year challenges can be met in the next two weeks. 

Sarah compliments Senator Tim Scott for his honesty about disagreements within the Republican party. Beth compliments Bill Scher for his measured approach in the debate over the future of the DNC. 

In our main segment, we discuss the decision by to make "complicit" the word of the year. In our wide-ranging conversation, we reference Lindy West's powerful op-ed on complicity, Richard Shelby's surprising appearance on State of the Union, Nikki Haley's comments on Roy Moore, and a recent Frank Luntz focus group in Alabama

We end, as always, by talking about what's on our minds outside of politics. Beth appreciates Spotify supporting her cover song habit. Sarah is reading and watching new shows.