The Tax Plan, Evangelicals, and Gendered Conversations

Photo by ALotOfPeople/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ALotOfPeople/iStock / Getty Images

We’ve been talking about the #metoo movement at length. As the year draws to a close, we’re thinking more about what gender equality could really mean. We discuss the Republican tax plan, evangelicals and the President, and ways that our everyday conversations can promote greater equality between men and women.

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The Republican tax plan brings many changes to the tax code and we talk through the changes to deductions, credits, and rates. Beth liked the Rattner charts on Morning Joe -  Final GOP plan still benefits wealthy the most: Rattner charts. She also saw an interesting musical analogy. We also discussed the drive for profit v. profit maximization and a similar question asked in the documentary The Corporation

There was an incendiary story about the CDC and banned words - we tackle the story and the real story, which didn't make us feel a little bit better.

Jenn Hatmaker is back in the political news with a profile in Politico. We discuss that and the broader conversation regarding evangelicals post-Roy Moore's campaign and this excellent article on the subject.  

Sarah compliments Rex Tillerson and Beth compliments Senator Joe Manchin

In our main segment, we discuss how to talk about gender issues and gender equality without reverting to defensiveness. We tackle mansplaining, emotional labor, and how to move the conversation forward. 

Outside of politics, Sarah is thinking about the holidays and Beth has launched her new coaching business!