Resistance and Backlash

Today, we talk about a provocative New York Times essay, "Are Liberals Helping Trump?" But first, we continue our efforts to keep up with the chaotic pace of news. 

Show Notes

In the Pearls, we talk about immigration raids taking place across the United States. Some worry that the raids are too aggressive. Others point out that the raids themselves aren't as significant as our overall immigration policy. Sarah recommends this episode of Death Sex & Money. 

We also discuss Ann Ravel's surprising decision to resign from the Federal Election Commission. She says that the partisan gridlock in the FEC is unproductive and that she can be more effective as a private citizen. Customarily, Senate Democrats would help choose a replacement, but the choice belongs to President Trump. 

We talk about the rally President Trump held over the weekend in Florida.  During that rally, Trump's comments about Sweden made waves in the United States and abroad. He later clarified that he learned about crime in Sweden from FOX News. That Fox News report has been challenged

We decide that we're not going to talk about Milo Yiannaopoulos, ever. You can read about him here if you want, but we don't recommend it. 

President Trump called the media the enemy of the American people. Journalists had some strong reactions

President Trump also fired Craige Deare, a senior NSC official--reportedly over critical comments he made during a private speech. 

Sarah's compliment today goes to Shephard Smith. Beth compliments Chris Seelbach

In The Suit, we start with the New York Times essay, "Are Liberals Helping Trump?" and then move into a wide-ranging discussion of Trump, politics, education, and backlash. We talk about Trump's public relations experiences and strategy, and about how we can overcome the current political polarization.

We end with our thoughts outside of politics--including multigenerational caregiving and an idea to revolutionize small talk.