What Are Democrats to Do?

With Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, we focus on what Democrats can and should do to move forward before the midterms. 

The Pearls

President Trump continued ridiculing the media at CPAC this week, lashing out at "fake news." 

We talk about the long-term ramifications of constantly referring to "fake news." 

This week, the White House excluded the New York Times, CNN, and Politico from a press gaggle. President Trump also announced that he will not attend the annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner. We find President Trump's fixation on leaks inconsistent with his proclamations of "fake news" and wonder how the White House can establish a more productive relationship with the press. We also question Sean Spicer's management style -- examining devices is no way to build a culture of trust within the White House communications team. 

Finally, we talk about the tragic hate crimes that took place this week in Olathe, Kansas. We talk about how America is a responsibility, not a possession and discuss the importance of immigration to our nation. Sarah recommends this episode of Hidden Brain.

For our "compliment the other party" segment, Beth compliments Pete Buttigieg for stepping up as a young leader in the Democratic Party. Sarah compliments Kevin Hassett, President Trump's new chief economist.

The Suit

In the Suit, we discuss how the Democratic Party can move forward in the Trump era, following the election of Tom Perez as the party chair. We discuss the "big tent" nature of both parties, noting the split between hard left progressives and more traditional democrats in the Democratic Party and similarities to at least a three-way split in the Republican Party

We talk about the importance of norms and process. Sarah traces the abandonment of norms back to Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America. The truth is that partisanship is nothing new. But the growing influence of media and social media is changing the way we approach civic engagement

We aren't sure what the best path forward is for Democrats (or Republicans for that matter), but we suggest that both parties embrace Zora Neale Hurston's quote: "There are years that ask questions and years that answer."

The Heels

In the Heels, we discuss what's on our minds outside of politics. Beth has been thinking about what loyalty means. Sarah is focused on the #weekinthelife project.