The Briefcase: Ivanka's new role and Pence's marriage


Before we got started, we thanked everyone for their patience as our feed repopulated. The good news is you can now go all the way back to our premiere episode in the feed!

We talked about Ivanka's new role as special assistant to the president. We also discussed the Washington Post's profile of Karen Pence and the controversy over several observations about the Vice President's marriage. 

We praised the Senate Intelligence Committee  for being the adults in the room. 

We discussed feedback from Brynn on the need to empathize with everyone. "So I’m finding myself constantly caught in this catch 22 where I want to emphasize with Trump supporters who feel betrayed, while at the same time fighting back the urge to just SCREAM “we told you so!”"
Allison wrote in and wondered "if Ryan and the Republicans, instead of trying to appease the non-compromising Freedom Caucus, could try to reach out and work with moderate Democrats to draft and pass the bill?"

Also we shared a NY Times article "A Great New Accidental Renaissance" (link) from Megan and this fantastic quote. "It’s early, but we may be experiencing a great awakening for the humane values that are under siege by a dark-side presidency. People are going inward, to find something bigger than Trump, and outward, to limit the damage he inflicts on the country."