Syria: Can we achieve peace through strength?

Photo Credit:  neeravbhatt  Flickr via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: neeravbhatt Flickr via Compfight cc

Today, in the pearls, we have a Kentucky theme—we’re going to talk a little about President Trump’s actions on coal and the Washington Post’s scathing editorial about Mitch McConnell. Then in the Suit we discuss the military strike in Syria, and in the Heels, we’ll discuss what’s on our minds outside of politics this week.  

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Show Notes

We acknowledge the horrendous attacks in Sweden and Egypt.

Sweden mourns 4 killed, 15 wounded in Stockholm truck attack

Palm Sunday bombings kill dozens at churches in Egypt

In our Kentucky-themed Pearls, we discuss Trump's recent actions on coal and the Saturday Night Live skit targeting Trump's Kentucky supporters.

Trump moves toward relief from water rule that threatens coal

Trump signs law rolling back disclosure rule for energy and mining

We also discuss the Washington Post’s scathing editorial about Mitch McConnell.

We both compliment Senators from the other side who criticized the party line with regards to the recent rule change.

In the Suit, we respond to our listener Katie's concerns that "'peace through strength' is getting more and more antiquated with every generation."

We also share our previous views on Syria we both shared on Sarah's blog before the podcast began.

Sarah: A mother's thoughts on Syria

Beth: Another Mother's Perspective on Syria

In the Heels, Beth gives Sarah the ultimate compliment and Sarah shares her thoughts on her recent trip to Dollywood.