The Briefcase: Lightning Round

Beth had the honor of dining with many of our DC listeners this week, and we're so happy to feature some of their voices in this episode! 

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With Sarah in New Orleans and Beth in D.C., the sound in this episode isn't ideal, but we hope the substance is worth it. First, we talk about Beth's experience at Vox Conversations before moving into a lightening round conversation about the news of the week: 

Michael Flynn's acceptance of payments from foreign governments

The White House's release of a tax reform memo

Efforts to resuscitate health care reform in the House

President Obama's lucrative speaking gig

A federal judge enjoining President Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities

Our Friday feedback comes directly from our listeners who attended dinner in DC. 

Thanks for bearing with us through the audio! We'll be back on Tuesday with better sound and a robust discussion of the issues.