The Briefcase: What the Comey!?!

We struggle maintaining our nuance in the face of Sally Yate's testimony and (most impactful) President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey


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We discuss the takeaways from Sally Yates's testimony before Congress, including the fact that President Obama warned Donald Trump not to hire Michael Flynn.

As we now know, Donald Trump did hire, then fire Michael Fynn - as well as Sally Yates - and most shockingly FBI Director James Comey. Before Comey was fired there were additional subpoenas issued for Michael Flynn's associates from the US Attorney's office in Virginia and since then the Senate has subpoenaed Micheal Flynn himself.

We discuss Trump's letter, Session's letter, and Rosenstein's memo. We also express exasperation at the White House's handling of the process and aftermath of the firing, including the entirely bizarre moment with Spicer and the bushes.

In attempt to figure out what's really behind the firing, we look back at Comey's March 20th testimony as well as the role of intimidation and other's perspectives on this. 'Like the horse head in the bed': Ex-intel officer says Trump fired Comey to 'send a message' to FBI We mention a great New Yorker article we will discuss in depth at another time and the role of hubris in this crisis. 

Then, we talk about next steps and whether a special prosecutor or independent commission is the right path forward.