President Trump Travels Abroad and Sarah Talks The Middle Class Constitution

We talk today about the President's trip abroad, bipartisan legislation on cybersecurity, a religious freedom executive order, and The Crisis of the Middle Class Constitution

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The Pearls

President Trump has kicked off his first international trip with an ambitious schedule. We discuss the media coverage of his trip and his joint "strategic vision" with Saudi Arabia. We also happily discuss bipartisan, bicameral legislation that's been proposed to enhance our cybersecurity. Finally, we talk about President Trump's executive order on the Johnson Amendment, which poses interesting issues about taxation, government, and religion despite being, as Slate calls it, a non-solution to a non-problem. 

For our compliments to the other side, Beth compliments Texas State Representative Helen Giddings for her efforts to stop shaming around school lunch balances, and Sarah compliments Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for her open and thoughtful communication about her decision to retire. 

The Suit 

Sarah talks with Constitutional Law professor Ganesh Sitaraman, author of The Crisis of the Middle Class Constitution - our latest Pantsuit Politics book club pick!

The Heels

In the Heels, we talk about Get Me Roger Stone and Sarah's obsession with The Nest's eco-settings.