Trump, the G7, and Beth's interview with Sarah Rumpf


We cover the G7 summit and tragic news out of Oregon and Beth shares her interview with Sarah Rumpf - Republican operative and former Evan McMullin communications director.


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The Pearls

After reveling in the pomp and circumstance of his trips to Saudi Arabia and the Vatican, President Trump had a rougher visit to the G7 summit and we discuss the fallout from his at-times downright rude behavior, including Angela Merkel's comments on the future of our relationship with Europe.

We also discuss the tragic attack in Oregon.

For our compliments to the other side, Sarah compliments John Boehner and his recent comments on life post-Congress clearing illustrating that he is out of f***s. Beth compliments Representative Gerry Connolly and his recent comments urging restraint with regards to impeachment talk. 

The Suit 

Beth talks with Sarah Rumpf—lawyer, Republican operative, and the communications director for the Evan McMullin campaign

Sarah discusses her background of political involvement, why liberty and limited government should be inclusive principles, and the path forward for a more centrist conservative movement. 

The Heels

In the Heels, we talk about the ramifications of Tipsy Pantsuit Politics aka we're super-hungover and Beth shares the details of her upcoming trip to Europe.