The Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act: McConnell, Trump, Resistance, and Medicaid

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News / Getty Images

In today's podcast, we discuss Mitch McConnell's Better Care Reconciliation Act. We also talk about PRIDE month and the gentrification of gay neighborhoods and Trump's Africa policy in the Pearls. In the Heels, we discuss the tragedy of Sarah's cell phone and too many birthday gifts. 

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The Pearls

We celebrate PRIDE month and all the progress that has been made for LGBTQ+ rights. We also discuss the New York Times's fascinating piece on the gentrification of gayborhoods, gentrification in general, and the affordable housing crisis

The President's proposed Pentagon budget for Africa indicates an increase in military spending and a sharp decrease in humanitarian spending. We talk about the possible consequences of this policy. 

To compliment the other party, Sarah gives a shout out to the Republican senators considering voting against the BCRA. Beth compliments Tim Kaine and Tom Karper, who've been discussing specific bipartisan solutions to health care problems. 

The Suit

*We recorded this episode on Sunday, June 25 -- before the CBO released its score of the BCRA*

We talk about the Better Care Reconciliation Act, Mitch McConnell's controversial proposal to "repeal and replace Obamacare." For a detailed comparison of how the BCRA compares to the House's AHCA and the ACA, check out the Kaiser Foundation and the Washington Post's comparison. In reality, the BCRA is not a total repeal or replacement of the ACA -- it's a Medicaid reform bill, which is making it unprecedentedly unpopular. Almost all sides find large points of contention, as well as more minor issues that over time will have unintended consequences. (For a positive view of the BCRA, read Avik Roy's analysis in Forbes). 

We discuss the future of health insurance and health care, including the trillions of dollars we currently spend on end-of-life care and the Americare proposal

The Heels

Sarah's cell phone is the in Kentucky Lake. Beth's daughter, Ellen is 2.