"America. We always take it too far." Considering Trump, the G20, and Antitrust Laws

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images News / Getty Images

We spend a lot of time talking about the size and scope of government. Today, we turn those questions to private industry. 

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The Pearls

Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted the G20 in Hamburg, and it was a tough time.Merkel and others (including this Australian journalist) criticized the United States for the President's decision to exit the global climate accord. Ivanka Trump sat in for her father for part of the summit, prompting controversy. The President met with Vladimir Putin -- a meeting that generated conflicting accountsconsternation for Americans, and according to the President,"tremendous" results. 

For our compliments to the other party, Sarah gives kudos to RepublicanRepresentative Shelley Capito for her stance on the BCRA. Beth compliments former Representative Donna Edwards for her moving Washington Post op-ed on health care and MS. 

The Suit

Antitrust laws are receiving increased attention. We were particularly struck by Steve Hilton's comments on the importance of antitrust laws in this Freakonomics interview. So, today we consider how the US economy is becoming less competitive. We talk about the importance of stability in the people and policies enforcing antitrust laws. We consider the mergers over the past two years (the most on record). We wonder about our myopic focus on price is causing us to miss other important aspects of private power. European countries seem to be taking a harder line on large tech companies, and we wonder if America needs to follow suit. But antitrust is complex, and who knows where the President will come out on these issues

The Heels

Based on y'all recommendations, Sarah has gotten into Harlots. Beth discusses her visit to Country Concert and saying "yes" to the universe.