Climate Change and Hope: "The Uninhabitable Earth"

Photo by Bernhard_Staehli/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Bernhard_Staehli/iStock / Getty Images

We take a look at the frightening possibilities ahead for humanity because the planet is getting warmer. In the Pearls we discuss Colombia's continued peace process and President Trump's comment to Brigitte Macron and compliment the other party. In the Heels, we discuss cooking and eating. 

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The Pearls

Sarah provides an update on the peace process in Colombia. We discuss the President's comments to Brigette Macron on her appearance and how objectifying women is never appropriate. Really. Between the President's statements and Ann Coulter's ridiculous twitter fit over the weekend, we share some reflections on those who rail against "political correctness." 

For our compliments to the other party, Sarah tips her hat to Representative Martha McSally for raising the need to update the Congressional dress code. Beth compliments Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper for their bipartisan work (with Senator Rob Portman) on online sex trafficking

The Suit

We take a deep dive into David Wallace-Wells' stunning essay in New York Magazine: The Uninhabitable Earth. We discuss why we're all in denial about the real scope of possibilities presented by climate change, what this means for our children, and why we still have hope. 

The Heels

Beth has been cooking. You should go make this and this, and use this for all your pie crusts. Unless, like Sarah, you're tracking and counting all the things.