Medicaid in Kentucky, Aziz Ansari, and Immigration Policy

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

The news this week has been explicit — both in language and in what that language reveals. We’re discussing the President’s comments on immigration and the US’s role in the world. 

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Our home state of Kentucky has been granted a waiver to add work requirements to Medicaid. We discuss the facts of the new program and our thoughts on what it does and doesn't accomplish. 

A piece about "Grace's" date with Aziz Ansari has fueled controversy over the past three days. (Please note that the linked content is explicit). We discuss where #metoo stands and what lessons we can learn from the Ansari allegations. 

To compliment the other side, Sarah compliments Representative Mia Love for her statements on President Trump's "shithole" comments. Beth compliments Senator Dick Durbin for trying to stay focused on DACA. 

We discuss President Trump's widely-publicized comments and general attitude regarding immigration. We talk about what drives our immigration policies, the data on the importance of immigration in the United States, and our national values. 

Outside of politics, Sarah is thinking about all of the snow in Kentucky. Beth is planning a class on boundaries