The Budget, DACA, and Listener Feedback on Aziz Ansari and Grace


The President of the United States, through his party's website, actually gave out Fake News Awards this week. There is an epidemic of pettiness in our politics. Let's discuss. 

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We discuss Congress's inability to pass a budget and inability to do a "deal" that the President will sign on DACA. We also talk about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that devoted a sad amount of time to whether the President actually said the word "shithole."

It's difficult to know what's happening in the Mueller investigation, but we do know that Steve Bannon has agreed to be interviewed. 

Finally, we discuss the State of the Commonwealth given by Governor Matt Bevin in our home, Kentucky. 

We then share listener feedback and continue the conversation regarding Aziz Ansari and Grace. There are too many think pieces and opinions to link because this issue has touched such a nerve--and that's exactly why we think it's so important.