Negotiating with Jello: What to Make of the Government Shutdown and the Next Stage of Immigration Talks


How does one negotiate with jello? We talk negotiations, compromise, and the government shutdown on today’s episode. 


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We begin with our #metoo moment, discussing the sentencing hearing for Larry Nassar, the former physician for the U.S. Olympian gymnastics team. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina has admirably allowed survivors to speak during the hearing, and survivors like Aly Raisman have used their time to powerfully indict everyone who has been complicit in Nassar's abuse

Next, we talk about the talks between South Korean President Moon and Kim Jong Un regarding the Olympics. We don't know what the President's actual strategy is, but we're hoping for a productive and peaceful path forward in light of apparent cooperation around Pyeongchang. 

To compliment individuals who aren't members of our respective parties, Beth celebrates the achievements of Oregon governor Kate Brown. Sarah appreciates Senator Lindsay Graham's efforts on immigration. 

For our main segment, we discuss the government shutdown -- how and why it happened, the costs involved, what we can expect next, and how we can productively move forward. 

We end with a discussion of books and movies (which should you do first?) and Beth's favorite romantic comedies -- one of which was made better by learning that Jack Nicholson sent a check to his co-star Diane Keaton, who was underpaid.