Gun Violence and Activism (with Special Guest Dr. Dana Fisher)


In 1997, three of Sarah's classmates were shot and killed in the lobby of my high school. 20 years later and 30 miles away, her community is again mourning the deaths of two 15 yo high school students shot in the in the lobby of Marshall County High School. We’re thinking about activism to prevent these tragedies and talking about activism through protests with Dr. Dana Fisher.

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The Courier Journal describes the shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, in excruciating detail. We discuss how we think we can break the logjam on action to do better at preventing future gun violence.

We talk with Dr. Dana Fisher about the Women's Marches and the Resistance movement in the context of sociological activism data. You can find Dr. Fisher on Twitter, at her University of Maryland website, and at the website for her eye-opening book that's being shared as she develops it.