The stock market and the economy with Heidi Moore.

Photo by phongphan5922/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by phongphan5922/iStock / Getty Images

It’s hard to keep up with the memos, interviews, and leaks coming out of Washington DC so we take a painstaking look at what we do and don’t know about the memo and the Mueller investigation 

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We discuss the resignation of Rob Porter and the President's wholly unacceptable response to the accusations of domestic violence against Porter. We also talk about the Olympics: North Korea's participation, the ugly part of the event, and why we keep watching

To compliment individuals who aren't members of our respective parties, Beth compliments the Democratic candidate in her home district, Patti Piatt. Sarah compliments Rand Paul on his continued stance against deficit spending. 

For our main segment, business journalist Heidi Moore joins us for a discussion of the stock market, the economy, and why debt colors Donald Trump's opinion of it all. 

We end with a discussion on what's on our minds outside politics. Beth loved Lady Bird and Victoria & Abdul. Sarah loved The Power and Sing, Unburied, Sing. Heidi shares her love for The Good Place and Call Me By Your Name.