Foreign Policy Fiascos and Carri Hicks for State Senate


The odd grammatical clarifications President Trump and the White House keep offering are dominating headlines, but the policy and actions behind them are far more concerning. We return to our conversation about confronting strangers after so much great listener feedback. We also talk to Carri Hicks, who is running for State Senate in Oklahoma. 

Carri Hicks for State Senate

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More from Carri Hicks:

  • Why we need education funding: Last year Oklahoma approved over 2,000 emergency certifications to fill teaching jobs. This has been done in an attempt to keep schools open as we are in dire need of teachers. However, it gives the false impression that everything is fine in education because school is in session. Clearly there is a large problem when 50,000 children were educated by someone other than a certified teacher last year. The number is expected to rise again this year.

  • Why she decided now was the time to run: After the defeat of the penny cent sales tax, I took many personal days to advocate on behalf of my students at the capital. I met with Senator Mark Allen who is on the education committee (and will be on the ballot in Nov.). As I introduced myself and explained how many students I had in my classes at the time, 28, he called me a liar. He further went on to explain that they knew the average class size in Oklahoma is 16, so that I was clearly not being truthful. I have taught for 7 years and have never had less than 23 students. This interaction led me to believe not only were lawmakers misinformed about the needs in public schools, but were unwilling to hear what they were. Since these are the decision makers affecting my profession and millions of innocent children, I knew now was the time to give teachers, and education a loud voice inside our state government.