The Briefcase: What's local office really like with Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless

Many of you have been asking for an update on Sarah's life as a city commissioner. She invited her friend and Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless to chat openly about what it was like to run and win and then govern! 

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The Briefcase: Elizabeth Warren, Yemen, and Jay Carson from The Politics Guys



"Nevertheless, she persisted." Did Senator McConnell make a rare strategic mistake or was this all political theater? Was the raid on Yemen worth the cost?

We talk about that and more on today's Briefcase, as well as sharing Sarah's talk with Jay Carson - the conservative counterpart on The Politics Guys podcast.

Show Notes

'Nevertheless, She Persisted' and the Age of the Weaponized Meme

Trump’s Yemen Raid That Killed Nine Children: What Went Wrong

The Politics Guys

Updates from the 3 branches

Is Steven Bannon really in charge? Does Congress want to pollute our streams? Does Donald Trump have it out for the judiciary branch? We check in with all three branches and talk to Jason Murray, a former law clerk for Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

The Briefcase: Dr. Tamara Tweel on Involuntary Miscarriages and Voluntary Abortions

Sarah talks with Dr. Tamara Tweel, Director of Strategic Development for the Hillel International Office of Innovation, about how her involuntary miscarriage brought her before the Ohio state legislator discussing voluntary abortion. 


Today we're talking with John Gable, Founder and CEO of AllSides, a news service dedicated to solving polarization through bias ratings and civil dialogue. In the Pearls, we briefly discuss current events--the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Italian referendum, and the Austrian election--and questions surrounding Betsy DeVos's faith. In the Heels, we discuss Sarah's love of movies. 

Show Notes


Dakota Access Pipeline

Italian Referendum

Austrian Election

Politico on Betsy DeVos

Interview with Rebecca Wyhoff, Co-Creator of Local Elections 101

We're here with Rebecca Wyhoff - co-creater Local Elections 101 - Campaign Essentials in 60 Minutes - Local Elections 101 is a guide for how to win a local election. You can get election advice without hiring a consultant or reading a library of books. The course is presented in a fast-paced, fun video format and would be a great solution for so many of you looking to get involved in local politics!

Special Episode: Libertarian v. Green Party - Alex Merced and Robin Laverne Wilson Debate

In today's special episode, Beth moderates a debate between Robin Laverne Wilson (Green Party) and Alex Merced (Libertarian party), candidates for U.S. Senator from the State of New York.  

Thank you for your patience with the audio -- we recognize it's not perfect, but we love the content and hope that you will, too. 

Show Notes: 

Alex Merced - Website

Robin Laverne Wilson - Website


Anne Bogel from What Should I Read Next

Special Episode: Alex Merced on Libertarianism

In this special episode, Beth interviews libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate (New York) Alex Merced. Alex talks about his background, why he's a libertarian, the current presidential and his positions on a "lightening round" of issues.

Here's what you should know about Alex

Name: Alex Merced - Libertarian Party US Senate Candidate (NY)

Age: 31

Married to wife for 2 years (together for 7 years)

Profession: Corporate Trainer in Financial Industry, former retail store owner (Gamers Lounge in Bowling Green, oh), Podcaster/blogger, event promoter, social media consultant

Education: BA from Bowling Green State University

If Elected Would Be...

- Youngest Serving US Senator (dethroning Tom Cotton)

- First Puerto Rican or Guatemalan Elected US Senate

- First Libertarian Elected to US Senate

Main issues:

- Rolling Back Regime Change to reduce new

Instability abroad

- Ending the drug war and the overcriminalization and violence that comes with it

- Increasing families disposable incomes and ability to save with tax reforms and reforming the policy drivers of inflation in healthcare, housing and education

- increasing visibility of Transgender issues and using the pulpit to bring attention to suicide, homelessness, and structural unemployment within the transgender community (have very close transgender issues, so this is more a personal thing than a policy issue)

Economic Policy Proposals:

- Rainy Day Account: rolling IRAs, HSAs, Coverdells into one tax favored savings account for all of life's events such as Unemployment, education, retirement, healthcare, parental leave, etc.

- The America Corp: a new corporate designation with 0% corporate tax rate but requires all assets and employees be in the US and that employees vote for one member of the board of directors to give labor more of a seat in corporate governance.

- 20% flat tax: instead of a complex tax code and complex web of aid programs, have a 20% flat tax with a refundable tax credit that will provide aid to anyone for anything. The amount of the tax credit amount changes with age (25k 18-26,65+ - 10k 27-64)

Interesting facts:

- Son of a immigrant from Guatemala in which regime change created instability in the 1950s which led to decades of civil wars and dictators and has contributed to the frustrations over the border (stability abroad effects border security, so regime change is very much against the countries national interests)

- parents are divorced so mainly raised by mother who after divorced lived in poverty working multiple part time jobs, going to school, raising two kids but worked her way to the middle class by the time I was 18 and has been my inspiration for my belief that anything is possible with hard work and determination

- grew up in suburban CT, went to school in Rural Ohio, and has lived in urban NYC so has experience the different setting Americans live in

Special Guest Bob Inglis on Climate Change and Free Enterprise

While Sarah wraps up her family vacation, Beth brings you a special interview with former Congressman and Executive Director of Bob Inglis. Bob is a "climate realist and energy optimist." Hear his story of learning about the realities of climate change and advocating for conservative solutions. Bob also gives his take on the current election and the future of the Republican party. 

Show Notes:

Bob talks with Chris Hayes about the 2017 race

Clip of Bob from Merchants of Doubt

Clip of Bob from YEARS of Living Dangerously

A Carbon Tax is a Conservative Solution to Climate Change

Bob Inglis Rallies GOP on Climate Change, One Lawmaker at a Time

An Insider's Look at Political Advertising: Our Interview with Fred Davis

Part I: Fred Davis, legendary Republican media strategist, joins us for an honest conversation about political advertising. Fred discusses working with the Kasich Super PAC, the 2016 primary, and some of his greatest ads. 

Part II: We continue the fascinating with discussion with Fred Davis.  In this episode, he talks about working with politicians who aren't natural "rockstars," how he started in and why he loves political advertising, and where the 2016 election could take us. 

Show Notes

Strategic Perception

Kasich Super PAC Hires Fred Davis

The "Demon Sheep Ad"


Incredible Action: Erin Miller and the Recognition of WASPs

Incredible Action: Erin Miller and the Recognition of WASPs

 In this episode, we talk with Erin Miller about her amazing journey to have her grandmother, Elaine Danforth Harmon, buried at Arlington National Cemetary.  Harmon, a Women Airforce Service Pilot during World War II, wanted her service recognized as it would have been if she were a man.  Erin and her family organized and advocated, leading to the unanimous passage of a bill that allows WASPs to be buried at Arlington.  We are inspired by Erin's action and honored to share her story. 


Polite Company: We Should Talk Politics

Polite Company: We Should Talk Politics

Inspired by a message from our listener, Lindsay, this episode tackles how to talk through political disagreement.  Beth discusses the importance of engagement and some tips for hearing and understanding others in The Suit.  First, in the Pearls, Beth talks about the Libertarian Party's convention, the State Department IG report on Hillary Clinton's emails, Memorial Day, and President Obama's historic visit to Hiroshima.  In the Heels, Beth talks about her new obsession with Alone on The History Channel.  Since Sarah is enjoying some family time this week, we conclude with an interview with Chris Chidzick, a PredictIt data analyst on how political prediction markets work. 

Raising Ms. President: An Interview with Kiley Lane Parker

Raising Ms. President: An Interview with Kiley Lane Parker

Today we're talking to the writer, producer, and director of Raising Ms. President Kiley Lane Parker. Kiley joined us for the whole show and shared insight and advice about female leadership. In the Pearls, we followed up on Beth's solo Briefcase and issues surrounding paid family leave. In the Suit, we discussed the film and the challenges women considering public office face. In the Pearls, Kiley shared her current projects and how you can see Raising Ms. President.