Apathy and Empathy in Friendship

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

We got lots of great feedback on our episode on gender sex disappointment. In response, we share our thoughts on gender reveal parties and their impact. In our main segment, we discuss apathy and empathy in friendship and how sometimes age and experience can offer insight into being a better friend. We also introduce our new segment commemorating moments in your lives. 

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Gender Disappointment and Our Relationships with Adult Children


We discuss Mike's feedback about being present during his wife's labor and Kelsi's thoughts on efficiency methods being applied to people, then dive into one of Sarah's most important nuance backstories: her experience with gender disappointment, grief, and worry about her future relationships with sons. 

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The Glamorization of Work


We discuss more listener feedback on decision fatigue, especially about how some solutions to decision fatigue aren't available to everyone and some decision fatigue isn't related to purchasing power. 

We also talk about Mother's Day and our very different desires for ways to spend the holiday. 

Inspired by a #metoo think piece, we talk about glamorizing work and how working too hard for too long with too much intensity is creating space for unacceptable behavior and real unhappiness. 

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Social Media in Our Lives


We talk about listener feedback on gift-giving and low-pressure celebrations (including Eliza's amazing Family Marriage Inauguration). Lots of you recommended charitable giving, and Sarah shared the idea of asking people to bring their favorite toy from childhood. 

Get excited: next week we're going to talk about HGTV and how we're feeling about our home lives. 

We also discuss feedback on our episode with Seasonal Sarah and how we hear other people describing life choices that are quite different from our own. 

For our main segment, we discuss Sarah's social media abstention for lent and our feelings about social media in light of recent news. 

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A Year Without Shopping

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To the Indifferent Women

Loneliness, Masculinity, Sexual Bereavement, and the Pelvic Floor


In today's episode, we continue our conversations about loneliness and masculinity and discuss an article about grieving the loss of a long-time sexual partner. Continuing our mission to talk about things that need more discussion, we talk with Kathleen Donahoe, the COO and co-owner of Oh Baby! Fitness about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor and caring for ourselves after child birth. We end, as always, with a bit of inspiration for the week. 

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Why Everyone Should Care About Their Pelvic Floor Muscles

Ruth Burgess "Bread of Tomorrow" (poem Sarah shared)

William Stafford "Ask Me" (poem Beth shared) 

The Boys Are Broken

Photo by Sarah Stewart Holland

Photo by Sarah Stewart Holland

We share Michaela's thoughts on loneliness and emotional labor and Sarah shares her sadness over leaving the baby stage behind for good. Then, we discuss Michael Ian Black's thread on "the boys are broken" and what masculinity means to us as we look at our husbands, fathers, and as Sarah raises her sons.

We also share Collaboration Station from The Johnny Shortcake Show!

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Loneliness and Being in All of This Together


After discussing some fantastic listener feedback on kids' extra-curricular activities, rituals, and sex, we talk about our experiences with loneliness and fear of missing out, with heavy Oprah and Moana references from Sarah. 

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Oprah's SuperSoul Conversation with Ali MacGraw

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