Trustees or Delegates?

In the wake of Congress passing, overriding President Obama's veto on, and then regretting the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, we're examining the roles of our representatives. In 2016, should our leaders act as trustees, exercising independent judgment, or delegates, conforming to the will of the populace? But first, we talk about Colombian voters' rejection of the FARC peace agreement, the continued violence and breakdown of diplomacy in Syria, and, of course, Donald Trump's taxes. We end on a much lighter note: Sarah's trip to Disney World. Can you help her family find a better trip hashtag? 

Show Notes: 

Colombian Voters Reject FARC Peace Deal

Diplomacy Breakdown in Syria

Donald Trump's Taxes

International Lawyers: Don't Let Americans Sue Saudi Arabia

The Consequences of JASTA

Congress Somehow Blames President Obama for JASTA

The Unbelievable Idiocy of Congress

Trustees vs. Delegates

Majority Vote Rules: Advocating for the Delegate Model

The Reality of Modern Representation

Was Obama vs. Romney a Trustee vs. Delegate Contest? 

Trustee vs. Delegate: A False Binary?