Education: The Most Important Issue We Aren't Debating


Obviously, we have to talk about the Nevada Democratic caucus and the crazy South Carolina Republican primary.  We take a moment to lament Jeb Bush's exit from the campaign, and we discuss the state of the race going forward.  We've been disappointed that education has barely been a side note in the presidential race, so devote The Suit to our thoughts on education reform.  Finally, we talk Oscar nominations in The Heels. 

Show Notes: 

The Pearls

Marco Rubio as Harry Potter

Jeb Bush Was No Joke

Burning Through Money

John Kasich - A Little Sanity

Bernie Sanders's Path Forward

The Suit 

Where the Candidates Stand on Education

This American Life on School Integration and Discipline 

Why Sarah Might Not Send Her Kids to College

The Heels 

The Best 100 Films

Race and the Oscars

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