Robert Mueller Indicts Manafort and Gates and We Talk with Gretchen Carlson


Happy Halloween! Paul Manafort and Rick Gates surrendered to the FBI this week, and George Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying to the FBI. We discuss the news of the week and share our conversation with Gretchen Carlson about her book, Be Fierce

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We review what we know so far about George Papadopoulos's guilty plea and the indictment issued against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

To compliment the other side, Sarah compliments John Boehner for his post-office reflection, and Beth compliments Senator Claire McCaskill for her willingness to be moderate. 

We had the privilege of talking with Gretchen Carlson during an event at the Taft law firm.  We share portions of her remarks and our discussion. 

Finally, we share what's on our minds outside of politics. Sarah's still moving and thinking about Halloween. Beth shares another tip on approaching others with a little more compassion.